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Considered by most as the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas is a great city to escape to for people who want a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The city offers visitors a wealth of things to do and places to go to. Whether they’re with family, friends, or by themselves, visitors are going to find something worthwhile to do and places to visit or enjoy in. Like in many tourist destinations though, not all of the establishments in Las Vegas are made the same nor do they offer the same quality of service to their customers. So what should you do then if you wish to get the most of your Vegas vacation? This is where comes in.

What is

Founded in 1998, is a destination-specific online travel agency. Like TripAdvisor and/or Expedia, it connects tourists/visitors with affordable deals for hotels, clubs, attractions, tours, and shows. Unlike the other online travel agencies mentioned though,’s offerings are limited to establishments and businesses in Las Vegas. The site is based in Las Vegas and it purports that all of its employees are residents of the city too. What’s the relevance of that you ask? Well, the site argues that since its employees aren’t outsourced, they’ll have a better understanding of the city and could therefore provide (theoretically) better service and assistance to prospective visitors. Offerings & Promotions

Hotels hotels

When it comes to hotel accommodations, can connect travelers to a sizable selection of hotels in Las Vegas. As of this writing, the site is affiliated with 101 hotels including but not limited to the Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, Mandalay Bay, the MGM Grand, the Luxor, Harrah’s, the Golden Nugget, and Planet Hollywood. While its affiliation with so many hotels is indeed impressive, it’s not by any means the only reason for travelers to check the site out. Rather, the site has some truly great deals for hotel accommodations that travelers can take advantage of if they want to save on their trip to Las Vegas. Through the site’s hotel booking service, travelers can get rooms with rates as low as $17 or as high $989 per night (depending on the hotel of course).

What’s great about these rates is that they’re actually lower compared to the hotels’ rates themselves. Case in point, we checked out Luxor’s rates for their Pyramid Queen Room and found that’s Insider Pricing was $15 cheaper ($150 to $135 overnight for 2 people). Of course, the site’s rates could go lower or higher depending on the establishment. With that said, travelers can always expect to find great deals using the site’s service.

If they want even more savings, also has Air+Hotel vacation packages that travelers can look into. This service allows travelers to book both their air travel as well as hotel accommodations once they arrive to Las Vegas. Of course, rates will vary depending on where the travelers are flying from and the type of accommodations they’re getting. Like with the site’s pricing for hotels though, travelers can generally get great deals using this service. deals

Tours, Attractions, and Night Life

It’s not just air travel and accommodations that are being offered by Travelers looking for unique experiences and adventures can check out the site’s Tour Offerings. If they’re feeling adventurous, travelers can book the Vegas Mini Baja Chase or the ATV Hidden Valley Fun Run tours. In addition to these, travelers can check out the beauty of Las Vegas through the City Lights Helicopter Tour and the Grand Canyon Sunset Tour with Limo. For those who want a fun night out, they might want to check out the Vegas Nights tour instead. In terms of pricing, these tours are relatively affordable with rates starting at $89 to $369 (depending on the type of tour).

If they’re looking to be entertained, travelers can check out for a wide range of shows that have become fixtures in Las Vegas. As of this writing, these include (but aren’t limited to) Cirque Du Soleil’s productions (Michael Jackson One, Ka, and The Beatles Love), The Comedy Lineup, Criss Angel’s Mindfreak Live, David Copperfield, Murray the Magician, and Masters of Illusion.

Other than family friendly tours and attractions, Las Vegas also has one of the most exciting nightlife experiences. Travelers looking to party the night away can opt to use the site to check out the numerous clubs that streak the Las Vegas Strip that are affiliated with it. Establishments such as the Hyde Bellagio, Voodoo Rooftop Night Club, Foundation Room, and the Foundation Room at the Mandalay Bay are just some of the night clubs that travelers can visit through If relaxing by the pool is more of their thing, the site also has tickets for pool and day clubs such as the Moorea Beach Club, the Hard Rock Hotel’s Rehab, as well as the Tank Pool at the Golden Nugget. For more adult entertainment, the site offers tickets for strip clubs such as Kings of Hustler, Crazy Horse III, and Sapphire Las Vegas (just to name a few). Customer Service

While’s offers are what draws travelers, it’s the site’s customer service that keeps them coming back. As mentioned earlier, the majority of the site’s employees are from Las Vegas (as opposed to most online travel agencies who outsource their support teams). This allows the site to offer travelers with knowledgeable and competent personnel to help address whatever queries or concerns they might have about the city or the services that they availed of. Getting in touch with these customer service personnel is also relatively easy. Travelers can either use the site’s Live Chat feature or call its hotline number (1-866-983-4269) in case they come across any issues or want their queries clarified.


It’s no wonder has been around for close to two decades. The site doesn’t pull back when it comes to providing travelers, their customers, with the best deals and offers in Las Vegas. Whether its hotel/air+hotel accommodations, shows, tours, clubs, and attractions, the site has deals that travelers can take advantage of. In terms of customer service, the site ensures that the travelers who use their services are provided with timely and competent support at all times. If you happen to be planning a Las Vegas vacation, you’d do well to get on and check out its offerings.

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