Las Vegas Advisor is a website and publication that was founded by Anthony Curtis in 1983 and started off as a newsletter. It has since expanded to a monthly publication and is part of Huntington Press. LVA is best known for their rewards and coupon books which cost money but will easily recover that in savings. This is our review of the which features positive and negative criticisms of the website.

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If you’ve been thinking about visiting Las Vegas, you were probably searching through the web trying to find a good deal. With so many websites to choose from, you should definitely be on the lookout for all the bad ones so that you don’t waste your time.

One site in particular comes up a lot as being an absolutely horrible website for its designed purpose but is actually a good site in disguise. We’re talking about, which is a website that hosts many deals, some of them even quite good at first sight, but completely stumbles on the grounds of user experience.

The Graphics and Design

When you go to the site, the first thing that you’ll notice are the outdates graphics that engulf it. It looks like it came straight from the early 2000s, and they don’t seem to be looking into revamping it either. The color scheme is really ugly to say the least, featuring various shades of sharp and bright purple colors, as well as hints of yellow and a plain white background in the wrapper. The entire site is centered and looks like it was made for the old 4:3 monitors. The logo has an ugly gradient to it as well as a horrendous inner shadow. The whole thing is just really hard to look at.

The Page Ads

LVA ads

But it’s not just the graphics that are hard to look at. The website is absolutely riddled with ads, with as many as 9 appearing on your screen at one time. The ads are everywhere, under the navigation pane, on the side of the website, placed throughout the content and main wrapper, and even in the footer. It’s impossible to scroll to a part of the website where you will see absolutely no ads. At every moment there is an advertisement in some form poking you in the eye. They can also be really huge as well. The banner ads can take up as much as a half of your browser screen! You’ll also find that some ads are listed in succession, one under another, which makes scrolling through them that much more of a chore.

The Pop-ups

Not only are ads prevalent on the pages of the website, they also appear in pop-ups as well. We all know how infuriating it can be when you’re just browsing through websites and then all of a sudden, your research is interrupted by some god-awful ad which you don’t even care about. You’ll get a lot of that on here, and it’s just the worst experience. Whenever you click on any link that takes you to a different page on the website, you’ll also get an ad pop-up in a new window which covers your entire screen. This happens repeatedly and without fail, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid without the use of an ad-blocker.

The Confusing Layout

Usually, when you try to find what you’re looking for, you refer to the navigation bar. However, doing that here will put you in a world of hurt, because you just won’t know what to choose when looking through all the links. There are menus where you can find both ‘Hotel List’, ‘Hotel Deals’, and ‘Air and Hotel Deals’, which is confusing in it of itself, but there’s more to it than that. In other menus, you can find the exact same links as in the menus you were previously searching through. For instance, the link ‘Hotel Deals’ is both under the tab ‘Stay’, and the tab ‘Deals’.

You’ll also find that the menus are really badly put together, with certain things repeating themselves, and other things falling out of category. If done properly, these elements could’ve been packaged in a much tidier fashion. But the way it is right now, even the most advanced internet user won’t know what the hell they’re looking at when they come to the site.

Mobile Experience

Trying to browse the site on mobile is not fun at all. It features numerous ads and it’s tough to search for anything or navigate to find what you want including buying the coupon books.

las vegas advisor mobile

When you try to navigate to other pages, the layout changes completely and the mobile menu disappears. This is pure frustration to say the least.

lva mobile layout

The Outdated Database

Even when you manage to make your way to the appropriate page, after wrestling with the navigation bar and several ad pop-ups, you’ll be greeted with a jumbled mess of old data, outdated deals, and blank shows and hotels among other things. In the hotel list, barely any hotels have a rating, despite the ‘Rating’ column being placed more towards the center and being wider than the actual ‘Deals’ column.

las vegas hotel deals

The prices on these hotels are off as well, as it seems they don’t update the numbers very often. Many deals don’t even have a price on them. They just left it written as “Starting at VIEW” where the word ‘view’ would normally be replaced by some kind of price. Some images are also missing, or simply won’t load on the site.

This is the case for most deals on this website, and with the situation being the way it is, you have to ask yourself what the point of looking through this website is in the first place. This story repeats itself throughout the website with pages like activities, dining, and shows, though at least for those they put up most of the price labels.

If you click on Aria, LVA lists $111 but the lowest price listed on the reservation form is $129. The same goes for the Bellagio where LVA lists $135 yet Bellagio’s lowest price when clicking on the links is $159.

bellagio hotel deals

The Blogs

If you have the misfortune of accidentally clicking on one of the website’s blogs, you’ll be greeted with a shroud of messiness and similar issues as the main websites. The blogs aren’t hard to miss either, as they will appear in almost every navigation tab, not just the ‘Blogs’ one. The blogs are, again, swarming with a myriad of different ads, and the graphics don’t improve much either. Just seeing this alone makes you lose appetite for any potential content that they put out there.

If you do go through the blogs though, you’ll notice that it’s sometimes hard to see where some posts end, and where others begin. The text is also in gray against a white background which can make it hard to read at times, especially on different types of monitors.

The Shop

Did you know that this website also has a shop section? If you were looking to buy something from these guys, you’d have a difficult time even finding the shop page. First of all, the shop tab in the navigation bar is shoved all the way to the right. It blends in with the rest of the redundant tabs so it’s very easy to miss or skip over with your eyes.

lva shop

Despite the criticisms of the shop itself, this is really the value of the site right here. LVA membership is the hidden value of this site and the real reason for coming here. Visit

When you do click on it, you’ll find that the page you’ve landed on has a completely different color scheme with white filling out most of the page. This can really make you squint after looking at the darker theme of the original pages, especially if you’re browsing through the website at night.

Here you can purchase memberships, as well as some products which can be shipped to you. Problem is, the links that you click to add items to your cart are just too small. It’s so disproportionate compared to other things on the page. The price can also be difficult to read as it’s of a very light purple color.

The Forums and Community

Even with all these flaws, the website still has a sizable community around it which interacts through the forum page. If we disregard all the layout and design flaws of the website, you can find some pretty useful information here from other people who have experienced Las Vegas in their own way. You can also ask your own questions, provided that you register to the website.

For LVA Forum click here.

The forums are a great place to ask questions and get answers from gambling experts and people that live in Las Vegas. They have nearly 20,000 threads there and a ton of active users. Along with the LVA membership, the forum is the next best feature of the site and why it’s worth a visit despite how the site looks and the navigation criticisms we have.

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